Which Microsoft Dynamics Product Is Right For You?

It is difficult to understand the differences between all of the Dynamics products. It's even more difficult to figure out which Dynamics product is right for your organization. Use this tool to figure out which product might be right for you!

This calculator will help you choose between the following products:


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About Your Company

Your organization is unique, but there are a lot of characteristics that must be taken into account when selecting a Microsoft Dynamics product. Industry requirements, company size, company resources, an organization's complexity, and of course your implementation budget, timeline, and approach all play a role.

Which of these best describes your industry?

Food & Beverage
Manufacturing - Discrete
Manufacturing - Process
Natural Resources
Not For Profit
Professional or Other Services

Approximately how many employees work for your company?


Important: Approximately, what is your organization's yearly revenue?

Less than $20 million
$20 – $99 million
$100 – $249 million
Greater than $250 million

Do you have a competent IT Team for internal support?

Yes, and they're a big team!
Yes, but there aren't too many of them.
Don't know

To what degree do you agree with the following statements:

"My company's processes are extremely unique.
We have a business unlike anyone else's."

"My company is a multi-dimensional business. We have multiple lines of business, operational departments, revenue sources, or business models."

"My company has offices, employees, and operations all over the world."

Important: What is the approximate budget for your ERP system implementation?

$10k – $50K
$50k – $100K
$100k – $250K
$250K – $500K
$500K – $750K
$750K – $1M

How do you want to approach your Dynamics implementation?

Some companies need extra analysis, development, and testing to get the most out of their ERP. Some systems also require more work up-front before they can operate.

To what degree do you agree with the statement:

"I am comfortable spending a little extra time and money to design a solution for my specific needs"

About Your Requirements

Asking some simple questions can help us narrow down the options for your recommended Microsoft Dynamics solution.

Are you looking for any of the following in an ERP? Check all that apply.

I mostly need something to manage my organization's finances (Chart of Accounts, GL, AR/AP, Sales, Purchasing)
I need something to replace my entry-level accounting system.
I need something between entry level and enterprise size.
I need to run financial statements and consolidations across multiple currencies.
I need something to meet the needs of my very large organizational structure.

Approximately how many of your employees will log in and use your ERP software?


Do you need payroll capabilities within your software?

Do you want any of the following "extra" functionality to be included out-of-the-box: Manufacturing, HR, or Supply Chain Management?

Is it very important to you that your employees can tailor and personalize their user interface?

Where do you want your ERP software to be hosted?

Important: Do you want a true "SaaS" ERP? - a Microsoft-hosted cloud service with automatic updates and monthly per-user subscription pricing?

In which regions do you do a significant amount of business? Check all that apply.

North America
Middle East
Central/South America

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