4 Reasons to Put Your ERP in The Cloud (That Have Nothing To Do with Money)

The decision to migrate your ERP to the cloud is a big one; and most of the dialogue is usually around dollars and cents. Here are four reasons to put your ERP in the cloud that have less to do with your bank account.

1. Lower Risk

In the cloud, your ERP’s server receives attentive, around-the-clock service. Your dingy server room is now a world class data center; complete with back-up power generators and natural disaster mitigation. This translates into less risk of downtime or security breach due to misconfiguration, a resource overload, or even fire.

2. Faster Fixes

When something does go wrong with your ERP in the cloud, you can expect a faster fix than a traditional IT team could deliver, due to SLA uptime guarantees and better monitoring.

3. Better Security

There are very, very, few companies out there that can spend a billion dollars on cyber security. Microsoft is one of those companies. When you trust Azure with your ERP hosting, you are putting your data in an environment that is more impenetrable than your server room.

4. Scalability

One of our clients runs their Dynamics NAV implementation on Microsoft Azure. After reporting performance issues with Dynamics NAV, Encore logged in, added more RAM to their subscription, and moved their SQL databases to a faster set of disks. From start to finish, this process took 90 minutes. This kind of speed and flexibility is only available in the cloud.

Cost Advantages of The Cloud

Often, the decision to migrate your ERP to the cloud actually has everything to do with money. For more, read: Dynamics in The Cloud? At What Cost?

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