Dynamics GP Quick Tips

We regularly get questions from our clients about issues they’ve had with Dynamics GP, so I’ve put together some GP quick tips here for stumbling blocks that clients have run into lately. Below I cover issues like finding help about which window you’re in, missing distributions, and temporarily disabling a product in GP.  Read on!

Finding help in Dynamics GP

Ever wondered what a window does in Dynamics GP or what a field on the window means? Microsoft Dynamics has easily accessible customized help that provides you with an overview of the window and the path to access the window, details about each field on the window, and what each button processes.

This can be accessed from every GP window by clicking on the Help button and About This Window as shown in the screenshot below:


Missing Distributions in Dynamics GP

Have you ever noticed that your transaction distributions get cleared after being posted or moved to history? Have you seen this issue occur for some users and not for others?

A good place to start investigating this would be look at the following setting for your customer. Go to Customer Maintenance >> Options button and look at the Maintain History section. If the checkbox is deselected, this means that GP removes the distributions after the transactions are moved to history. This same setting exists for vendors and items too.

*Please note: This setting does not affect your General Ledger. Only your subledger is affected by it. Check links won’t bring your subledger distributions back. Don’t worry if your distributions go missing in your sub-ledger as a result of this setting. The distribution tables in payables/receivables are not used for any other purpose or reports in GP, other than the Reconcile to GL.


Temporarily Disable a Product in GP at any Time Without Affecting any Other User

To quickly and temporarily disable a product or third-party add-on product in GP, we use the Customization Status window. This can be done using the user interface provided by GP without involving any code or setup changes. This will affect only the GP user disabling this product, all other users in GP will be unaffected by this change. The product can be enabled and disabled at any time, even when other users are logged into the system. When the user logs out of GP, the product will be automatically enabled again for this user.

The path for the Customization Status window is Microsoft Dynamics GP >> Tools >> Customize >> Customization Status. In this window, select one or multiple products to disable. This feature can be very useful if you want to debug to see if a product is causing an issue.

GP Quick Tips

I hope these Dynamics GP quick tips helped you out! Please contact us if you need any assistance in Dynamics GP.

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