Track Package Function in Dynamics NAV

Dynamics NAV has a Track Package function which is useful because users can track the package in Dynamics NAV rather than launching it from the web browser.

This article demonstrates how to set up the Track Package function in Dynamics NAV, but you can also Track Packages in Dynamics 365 Business Central.

The Track Package function can be found under Posted Sales Shipments. You can see the Track Package function in the ribbon:

Posted Sales Shipments Dynamics NAV

Set Up

First set up the tracking website address and tie it to the Shipping Agent Code. Search “Shipping Agents” in the search box.

Shipping Agents Dynamics NAV

I have created a Shipping Agent Code ‘UPS’ and entered the website address to track UPS packages.

Track Package URL

Please note the %1 in the URL above will be replaced by the tracking number entered in the Posted Sales Shipment header (Package Tracking No. field under Shipping tab).

That’s it as far as set up. Now, you can test your configuration.

Test Configuration

  1. Highlight a Posted Sales Shipment document with shipping agent code=UPS. Make sure your Posted Sales Shipment document has a tracking # in the header.
  2. Click Track Package.
  3. Dynamics NAV will open a web browser and the UPS tracking website will be displayed.
Track Packages Function

If you have any questions about the Track Package function in Dynamics 365 Business Central (Dynamics NAV), please contact us!

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