Write Reports Even Faster: Database Cheat Sheets for AX, NAV & GP

It can be challenging to find the data you need while designing reports – especially when you’re working within the unique data structures of ERP solutions like Microsoft Dynamics AX, NAV, and GP. The good news is, our partner Jet Reports has discovered that most customers are using only a handful of the popular tables in their database to meet their reporting needs!

We want you to get more out of your solution every day, so we’re sharing these guides of the most commonly used places in the Microsoft Dynamics database to leverage the power of Jet Reports.

Dive even further and report even faster with our cheat sheets, designed to help your organization get the answers it needs.

Download for your Microsoft Dynamics ERP platform now:

Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics GP

If you have any questions about designing reports in Dynamics AX, NAV or GP, feel free to connect with us.


How Much Does Dynamics AX Cost?

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How Much Does Dynamics AX Cost?

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