Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 Excel Integration

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Okay. We also enhanced the Excel integration in this current version. So if I take a look at a set of data in a list view in Dynamics NAV, so let’s say I want to take, I want to add some items, and I want to edit some of my items. Okay. So I can go to the item list as an example…

Male: It’s much slower [inaudible 00:16:39] than necessary.

Trevor: So I can look at my items across that system, and I’m just gonna change it to list view, which is a view you guys are used to. There’s some changes in some of the views. We can do different views there. I can hit Edit in Excel, and save that and open it. It’s gonna go ahead and open up Excel for me. I’m just gonna say Enable Editing, and then that information is gonna drop into Excel, and I can actually edit it from here, and add new records and publish it back.

So, just one example about the tie in and the ability to work with that Excel has been enhanced. So let’s take a quick look. This one earlier this morning, I changed the description to ATHENS Desk Trevor. So I’ll just edit that. And if I want to go ahead and add a new item, let’s call it NAVDEMO. And I’ll just put the unit of measure. I can go ahead and hit Publish and I just created a new item in NAV and edited another one.

So, you know, very easy if you want to clean up some of your data, and move things around, plus you can build reports off this. And it’s live information that’s shared back and forth, right? You’ll notice, when it updated, it filled in some of those default fields in that record for me and it fixed the pieces and made it uppercase because it’s uppercase. So it validates some of that information as we go. And we might have to wait a minute or two before that shows up here…Still hasn’t shown.

Male: There’s something.

Trevor: Now, it has?

Male: Yeah. [Inaudible 00:18:27]

Trevor: Okay, so ATHENS Desk Trevor is there. My new item is there. I don’t know why Trevor didn’t update. It’ll update in a minute. So basically it’ll send that data back and forth. A lot easier to work with keeping your data clean and stuff.

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