Mobility in Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Demo)

Recently, Encore hosted an event: “What’s New in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017”. We presented the best new Features in Dynamics NAV 2017, including mobility and the mobile app. Enjoy!

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So the last thing I’m gonna show. This came out in 2016. We did a lot of work on mobility in 2016. So I don’t know if all of you are seeing this. I think I’m gonna take two seconds to show it. But today, you can go to the Google Play Store. You can go to the…let’s see, iStore or Apple store, I don’t know what it’s called. And you can search for Dynamics NAV, and you can find an app that you can download there. And all you need to do is put your URL, your username and your password, and you can connect to your NAV.

So interesting enough…I’ll say, must have been at least a month ago. I was walking around a plant customer I know and they’re quality people, used to walk around with pieces of paper to do their in-process inspection. And I guess, one day, one guy found this, downloaded it and started walking around with his own iPhone in the plant. And instead of writing it on a piece of paper, he’s just keying it in there.

So we didn’t design a mobile app for just salespeople. Every single function you can do in NAV, you can do on the app, everything. There’s nothing that you can do in NAV that you can’t do on this mobile app. You’re presented with this information based on your role. So this is my role page, like we saw earlier. If I flip over I see the same reports, I got some favorite stuff, I got a sample Trial Balance, and it’s very usable.

You know, let’s say, I’m out at a customer, dropping something off, and I want to do a sales invoice. So I can just type in the name of my customer. It’s gonna pull up all that contact information. I’ll go add a line item. But the only thing I have in my demo database is bicycle so I sell lots of bicycles, guys. So I’ll just try and find my bicycle, put my quantity in, and I’ll just back at my lines. I’ve got my total, all my information and you want to copy that invoice. You bet. I post and send.

Now I forgot, I had an approval workflow on that. So I’m gonna have to do that again. I approve my own invoices because I don’t like to log out and log back in as another user in the demo. But…I don’t know. I have to…there it is. I’ll approve it. Okay. And then post and send.

Yeah, anyway, you can post an email right out from there, and you get that nice email that I showed you earlier. Maybe somebody else is my approver. So, you know, just keep in mind whether you have an iPad, an iPhone, a Google Play pad, you’ve got a Google phone, a Windows phone, you can go to the store, download that app, and interact with your NAV system from anywhere today. I think that’s it.

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