Smart Notifications in Dynamics NAV

Recently, Encore hosted an event: “What’s New in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017”. We presented the best new Features in Dynamics NAV 2017, including smart notifications. enjoy!

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The next feature I’m gonna show is smart notifications, and I think Trevor touched on that a little bit earlier on…Let’s go back to Home. So I’m sure all of you that use NAV already know when those error messages come up, all those credit memo boxes come up, they can be a bit of nuisance. You got a Yes, No. You have to reply to it. It kinda gets in the way. You hit escape and refresh, etc, and it kinda can get in the way of what you’re doing.

You might know that a customer, for example, has exceeded that credit limit but you want to continue anyway. So these new smart notifications that Microsoft have are a little bit more less intrusive. They have a little bit more complexity to them, so like an action notifications that come up instead of just getting, you know, “Hey, error. You can’t do this. You’re over the credit limit.” It actually lets me action, drill into the data and so they become a little bit more useful, a little bit more utilitarian.

So what I’m gonna do here is I’m gonna go ahead and create a Sales Invoice. And everyone will be shocked to know that I know this one is over its credit limit. So I enter in the customer number and immediately I get, The customer has an overdue balance. So, instead of having that pop-up box that we all know about, about the credit limit being overdue, it’s now showing me, up in the bar at the top, a little bit less intrusive. I can continue and then come back and recognize that later.

What I wanna do here, though, is I’m gonna go into details. It’s gonna show me some details for this particular customer and why they’re over their limit. And I can see here that they have overdue amounts as of my demo date. It’s 27th of January 2018. I can drill in here and have a little bit more of a look as to what’s going. And since I’m on the phone with this customer because I’m placing a new order I can say, “Hey, this invoice is a little bit overdue.” They can tell me the check’s in the mail, whether that’s true or not, you never know. But I’m gonna believe that it is so I’m gonna to continue anyway and disregard that credit note or credit limit notification…

So the customer wants to order some TOKYO Guest Chairs. I’m gonna go ahead and put a quantity in there, and now I’ve managed to get myself another notification. So this time it’s telling me that the available inventory for this particular item, I don’t have enough to fulfill this particular order. So again I can go in and click on the details. I can see what’s going on and I can see that I’ve got an inventory shortage here of about 82.

Because I kinda have a power, I can create purchase order. What I can do from here is go ahead and create a purchase invoice directly. The system knows which vendor we usually buy this item from. So it’s gone ahead and filled in those details for me. It’s filled a line with the item. And I know from the last screen that I need 82, but maybe I want to go ahead and order 90 of those. I can say OK. It’s telling me that I haven’t published this document. Are you sure you wanna exit? I do. And now my notification is gone. So I know I’m good to go.

So I’m gonna close this down. I keep getting this box. I think we had it on the purchase invoice and now I’ve got here on this particular sales invoice. This is a new one for us. This is telling me that I haven’t posted this document. I mean, I’ve been using NAV for quite a while and so, you know, I know when I close the document down, I haven’t actually posted it. I do need to go ahead and actually post it. So if I go and look in My Notifications, I can see all the ones that I have enabled and I can see that I have this one here called Warn about unposted documents.

So for me, specifically with regards to the new notifications, smart notifications, I can turn that off. I can open that invoice again, and when I close it, I no longer have that notification. So I can also have a bit of control over what notification I do and do not get…And again, if I go into My Notifications, I can actually go and start defining some filters as well.

So for example here on the credit limit, I’m only having it where the credit limit is over 10,000 and the payment method for the document that I’m doing is cash. But if it doesn’t fall into those filters I’m also not getting that smart notification. So I do have some control over what does show up to me, and what kinda I engage with. So that’s a little bit about smart notifications. Any kinda questions on that? Nope? Okay.

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