Dynamics GP Canadian Payroll 2023 Tax Updates

2023 Tax updates for GP 18.5 have now been released. Check the links below for updated information:

Read Microsoft’s Canadian Payroll Year-End and Tax Updates for Microsoft Dynamics GP Article.

Check out the cool new features that will be included in the tax update release, through the Microsoft Dynamics GP Feature Blog Series.

For further information on how to run the year-end process, refer to these Encore documents:

Important Notes

  1. Install the tax update as you would normally install any other update.  It is inclusive of all other patches and service packs since last year.
    Last year, you would have moved to GP 18.4 and this year it will be GP 18.5. You must be on 18.4 in order to apply the 18.5 update, which means you may need to complete 2 updates in order to move to 18.5.  (18.3>>18.4>>18.5) All updates are cumulative.
  2. There is no more CustomerSource. All downloads are done through Microsoft Docs.
  3. If you are using Blue Moon’s ePaystub (formerly from Encore), there are some added features. One is the ability to produce historical advice slips by using the new SSRS reports.  If you are not already using an SSRS Advice Slip and are interested in these features, please read the documentation or ask your consultant for training.  In addition, R1s are now available for eMailing.
  4. Please take caution when mailing T4s/T4As/R1s to employees. Check to ensure that an employee’s social insurance number (SIN) is not visible or legible through the window of an envelope or through the envelope paper. If you are interested in acquiring the ability to e-mail your T4s, please contact Encore for further information.

For support on tax updates and the payroll year-end close, please contact care@encorebusiness.com. If you are planning for Encore to help with your tax update, please advise us as soon as possible.

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