Overview of 2022 Wave 2 Release Plans for Dynamics 365

New capabilities and hundreds of new features are all part of the Wave 2 rollout plans from Microsoft between October 2022 and March of 2023. What does this mean for you as a Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform user? In this blog, we will focus on the new enhancements for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 users and save the Microsoft Power Platform insights for later. This means an exciting array of new features that will enhance your ability in the areas you see below.

Let’s take a quick overview of what to look for!


The buying journey will enable B2B customers to grow both their marketing and customer programs that can target million of customers with millions of messages and interactions per month. This means the ability to capture leads with hands-off automation that will help align sales and marketing teams that your company has not seen before.


Sellers need to prioritize their work, and now they will be able to in new and exciting ways with AI and other productivity tools in D365 Sales. This will allow them to engage and work with colleagues and customers in a more efficient manner that will bring greater results with their time.

Field Service

Frustrated with synchronizing the service operations for field service workers? You will now be able manage how you build and maintain locations and assets and help keep costs under control. Working in conjunction with the improvements to the mobile app, this will empower your frontline worker’s overall experience.

Customer Service

Running your contact centers by providing upgrades to new routing features, including preferred agent and longest idle routing types are just a couple of new enhancements to look forward to in D365 Customer Service. Modernizing your customer’s experience with new contact options, including leaving voicemails or dialing agents directly, will only give the customer a feeling that they are being taken care of.


With companies that have large volume, the launching of the D365 Finance ability of vendor invoice optical character recognition (OCR) will automate the reading and recognition of their invoices. In addition, there is an international new tax calculation service for upcoming e-invoice legislations for France, Poland, and Saudi Arabia.

Supply Chain Management

Working and supporting multiple vendors in the planning and optimizing of sourcing is a strategy that new enhancements will allow over the supply chain. Real-time tracking consumption of inventory by organizations in support of new product introduction, as an example, will bring greater visibility. In addition, new guided rapid implementation and configuration will allow Planning Optimization cycles to be shortened.

Project Operations

Being a project manager or on a project team can be a stressful, and Microsoft’s new investments in Operations with project budgeting, forecasting and modernized applications on the web and mobile will help project accountants and office workers. New billing capabilities will help ease the complexity of these transactions and controls.

Intelligent Order Management

Working with shipping providers over the supply chain lifecycle from the beginning of an order to delivery will continue to be expanded and will build off previous successes. There will also be increased support for various order types such as back orders, subscription, manual and purchase orders. Modeling, understanding, and choosing different fulfillment strategies will also be added.

Human Resources

Wave 2 will allow HR business partners to tailor and automate manual processes, decisions, and tasks that are being done manually in D365 today. In Dynamics 365 Project Operations, integrating employee skill, compensation and leaving information to resource managers will create a much more effective experience.


New sales agreements and customer specific catalogs are a couple of the new B2B advancements to look forward to. Point of Sale (POS) improvements include a Store Commerce app for both iOS and Android, as well as Apple Pay and Google Pay digital wallet integration.

Fraud Protection

Customers will be happy to know that protecting your business from the daily threats from fraudsters has been improved. New transaction acceptance booster (TAB) will allow merchants to increase the bank’s approval rates without replacing their current fraud provider solution. This new booster will keep disruption to their business at a minimum.

Customer Insights

With time always being at a premium, new and quicker out-of-the-box insights, predictions, and measures will be available across all technology systems. New features with real-time insights and activations will deliver better personalization and marketing. Seamless workflows that integrate Microsoft Dataverse, Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform data flows will be insightful.

As we can see, the Wave 2 Microsoft Dynamics 365 updates will allow all of us that work with customers and implement solutions for them, to become quicker and ensure greater confidence in helping them run their business in a more effective and technology advanced manner.

If you’d like to know more about the Wave 2 Release for Dynamics 365, please get in touch.

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